Comics Fest + A Silly Sweater

This weekend saw my first ever attendance to a Comics Festival.  Why it took me so long to ever attend one, I don’t know.

The Stumptown Comics Fest was crowded, stimulating, and invigorating.  Art nerds united in a cramped hotel conference space which was absent of big-hitters like DC and Marvel.  This Comic Books Festival was more focused on the local (Portland’s Dark Horse Comics) and underground, while still featuring publishing houses such as Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly, and the well-established artist Paul Pope.

Together, Jake and I amassed a nice little collection of new comics to bring home and read.  The spoils:

1) Rabid Rabbit #5: Alphabet City.

A collection of comics by students of SVA (School of Visual Arts).

2) World War Robot Illustrated #1, by Ashley Wood.

My painting teacher often mentioned Ashley Wood, and now I understand why – these oil paintings are phenomenal.

3) Sublife: Volume 1, by John Pham.

4) Sublife: Volume 2, by John Pham.

Both Sublifes were highly recommended by a big comics fan friend of mine, Box of Crap (long story), so I’m looking forward to reading these.

5) Big Questions #11: Sweetness and Light, by Anders Nilsen.

I loved the Anders’ short comic featured in Best American Comics 2006, so I thought I would check out a full volume.

6) 100%, by Paul Pope.

I’ve read Heavy Liquid and love Paul’s drawing style, but 100% is new for me and I wanted to have him sign it.

A closer look at Big Questions #11.

7) Nerd Skull print, by Sarah Oleksyk.

I am not familiar with this artist, but this caught my eye when I passed her booth.  Skulls + Nerds = awesome.

And of course, Paul’s swirly autograph on the inside of 100%.

I will definitely be attending this festival again next year.  It’s really great to see a bunch of people who love to draw come together and share their wares.  And if you are an aspiring comics artist, I recommend reserving a booth for yourself.


I also stopped into local clothing store Red Light for a little bit of shopping, and stumbled across this ridiculous sweater:

Looking at this sweater immediately brought me back to memories of being a kid.  Everything about it – the neon/pastel colors, the creature character shooting hoops, even the font on the bottom – evoked a lot of familiar feelings.  I had to get it.  Plus, it was only $6.

The style is very distinctive of the late 80’s/early 90’s, a time in which I was living in Puerto Rico.  I went to the beach a lot and watched a LOT of Nickelodeon.  One of my favorite belongings was my New Kids on the Block sleeping bag, which featured many of the same colors here.  However, I can’t find anything related to this sweater – not the “Creach”, “Beach Network”, or “Zoo Crew”, the copyrighted company of this clothing.  If anyone else remembers this stuff, I’d love to know.


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