Right Vs. Left

I am hosting a lovely out-of-town friend for a bit and trying to enjoy the day or two of summer Portland randomly graces us with, so I haven’t been able to draw much lately.  Here are some random images I have hanging in my studio to inspire me.

Homunculi (hyena), by Claire Cowie

Black Crocs, by Dianne Kornberg

I picked up both of these postcards while visiting the Elizabeth Leach Gallery on a First Thursday.

Here is a self-portrait I drew a couple years ago:

I am right-handed.  After completing this portrait, I decided to experiment with using my left hand for drawing, and thus completed this second self-portrait:

I found this experiment to be quite scary.  While making the second drawing, my brain kept telling my hand to make a line a certain way, and my hand wouldn’t listen.  It was incredibly frustrating.

The late and great Frank Frazetta, who passed away this May, had a series of strokes which forced him to use his left hand for the remainder of his career.  While the thought of losing the ability to draw with my right hand is terrifying, I think many artists can relate to this sort of dedication.  The love affair I have with my art would simply drive me to spend hours training my left hand to draw.

Georgie O’Keefe, after her vision started to wane in her later years, turned to sculpture to burn up that creative energy.  Frida Kahlo (above), after a bus accident left her bed-ridden for some time, hung her canvases over her bed and painted in a reclined position.  It is this kind of drive and passion that I can relate to.  What drives you?


One response to “Right Vs. Left

  1. i have even seen artists that draw with their feet….if i lost my arms in an accident i would try that. actually….for some reason i have good eye foot coordination so i bet i could do it. :)

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