Warm Up

It is nice and sunny outside, for once, and instead of soaking up the rays, I am going to be spending a much needed day in the studio.

Going for two weeks without a real drawing session feels much like an athlete would after not working out for that long – my drawing muscle needs a good warm up to get going again.

Peonies are in season right now, and I am obsessed with them.  They are just so fluffy and delicious looking!

Choosing floral subjects for a warm up (or trees, or what have you) is perfect for me – the lines are purely organic and curvilinear, so I can work much more freely.  I have a couple projects I need to work on, so it’s good to have this piece to come back to when my drawing hand is feeling a little cold.

Fellow rider Shawn Kilmer has commissioned a custom drawing from me.  Shawn took this awesome photograph:

and has this website: www.shawnkilmer.com.

Here is the rough draft for the piece I will be drawing for him:

I am excited to work on the final drawing, and also to get back to work on the Book.


I was very fond of this color scheme used for a clothing display at Buffalo Exchange.

This photo of Jake was taken at local store Vintage Pink.  This store is rad!  Their giant showroom has a huge selection of great vintage furniture – I may have to give Lounge Lizard a second thought the next time I go vintage shopping.

Also, I got a new drawing buddy.  His name is Theo.

Off to the studio!


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