A Handmade Book for Snail Mail

What happens when you send me a bunch of cool, handmade stuff in the mail?

I send something back.

My friend Melody sent me a surprise package full of all sorts of good stuff.

A handmade card and tidbits, plus this cute lil’ mini-book:

In return, I made Melody my own handmade book:

Boldly titled The Hello Book, this epic volume contains sheets of tracing paper and torn-out pages from an old sample-photo pamphlet, which I have been saving for many years for just the right moment.

Each piece of tracing paper features my own drawings, and lifts to reveal an image that is closer to the original photo.


Fun!  Easy!  Snail Mail provides a platform for the most casual crafting.  No one’s here to judge you except your friend.  (Well, and you too, I guess).

SO – what would you send?




One response to “A Handmade Book for Snail Mail

  1. I love this! There’s always something about recieving something in the mail. It’s a wonderful surprise! And a handmade mini-book makes that surprise all the more fun.

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