Seeds: A Contest Entry

Jillian Tamaki, along with her partner Sam Weber, are among the most respected and successful designers/illustrators working today.  I discovered their work while taking Illustration classes in art school, and quickly fell in love.  Today, I continue to follow their work because they are the kind of artists that motivate me while I doggedly pursue my own dreams of doodlin’ for a living.

A few weeks ago Jillian announced she was holding a contest in which anyone could submit a drawing (or donate to Unicef) for a chance to win, either a bag of goodies or a copy of Irish Myths & Legends, which Jillian illustrated.  This was a no-brainer!  I submitted a drawing.

The drawing contest theme was Summer Myths, and to tell you the truth guys, nothing came immediately to mind.  I mean, nothing I wanted to draw.  Vague fuzzy things of pools and jellyfish, but zero compositions.  So I did a little research.

I rediscovered the old tale of seeds sprouting in your stomach if you swallowed watermelon seeds.  Thumbnails ensued.

I played with the idea of a collection of summer-ish vignettes.

But I went back to the “seed” myth, and I liked this concept.

Pencil draft.  (Uhh..yeahhh….sorry for the not-so-great photo.)

The drawing was made with India Ink, watercolor, pastels, charcoal, AND my trusty Sakura White Gelly Roll pen (♥♥♥).  I scanned it in for a bit of light Photoshop magic.

And the final piece!  I sent off my contest entry last week and crossed my fingers.

There were to be three winners: one randomly selected from the pool of donations, and two of the best drawings: one pro, and on non-pro.  Jillian announced the contest winners today, and, dudes – I WON!!!!

Not only am I super excited to receive my copy of the Irish Myths & Legends book, filled with Jillian’s luscious illustrations, but a nod from the lady herself is quite the honor for me.

I was in good company too, as evidenced by the selection of honorable mentions and fellow Pro-winner Andrew Schick.  Please pay a visit to the results page and see for yourself.

Thanks to Jillian!  And I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend; I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending to mine!

4 responses to “Seeds: A Contest Entry

  1. WAY TO GOOOOO!!!!

  2. Also, there is some truly great art that was submitted, and yours was indeed the best!

  3. AHHH! Congrats man, you deserve it. I love the drawing submitted! Great Job again!

  4. Wow, that is great! Congratulations!

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