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Some of the

San Francisco, to say the least, was exhausting.  At the end of the arduous return journey (TWO missed flights, 4 AM wake-up calls, a cancelled flight, and then a delayed flight), Jake went straight from the airport to an 8 hour shift, while I returned home from work last evening at 3 AM.

I’m sure we both haven’t even begun to dissect all the events of our trip, but I will tell you that there are some very memorable moments – some that deserve a post unto themselves!

I’m about to head into an event-packed weekend as I am a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding this weekend (the fun never stops, kids!), but eventually I’ll be able to share all the great experiences of San Francisco.



photo: “PENNSYLVANIA—Painter Andrew Wyeth, 1991.”  ©David Alan Harvey/Magnum

Long after I had fallen for the paintings of Andrew Wyeth did I discover we shared the same birthday.

Andrew Wyeth (July 12, 1917 – January 16, 2009).  RIP, birthday buddy.

Love (from San Francisco!),

The Glassmakers

The Glassmakers, Written and Illustrated by Leonard Everett Fisher, published 1964 by Franklin Watts, Inc.

I love a sentence that begins, “I have this book and I thought of you..” as every time I hear that I am usually gifted a book that I truly appreciate.  My good friend JK parted ways this little number, and inside were delicious black and white etching illustrations.  Thanks JK!

As you read this, I am making my way to San Francisco with Jake (aka Micron Hero!) to celebrate my thirtieth Earth Year!  That’s right, 3 – 0, and this is bound to be a good decade.  So pardon the blog lull, but I’ll be sure to post about the trip when we return!


I nearly tossed this drawing, but I thought I could still make it work.  Instead, I put it away for a week before giving one last attempt to bring it back from the dead.  Well, there’s no Take Backs!

Although the drawing is titled Ocean, the crop of blobby-looking sea anemones remind me of saguaro cacti in bloom, with the deep ocean blue also translating into a starry desert night sky.


Micron Hero, LW, and Eli of Lemolo Baggage

Sometimes the most memorable holidays are the ones that are casual and spontaneous.  My idea of a good Fourth doesn’t involve downtown or the waterfront or even fireworks, just good company, a good patio, bicycles, and food carts.  Because, really, that’s the definition of a good Portland summer.


As we lazed about the patio of Apex and imbibed delicious beer, our buddy Chad rolled by with his Fifty Licks Ice Cream truck.  Portlanders, if you haven’t tried his handmade ice cream yet, you SHOULD!  It is soooooo gooooooood.

I regret not capturing Chad during his visit, but he was a blur of action!  A charming and gracious Ice Cream host, as per usual.

Despite the festivities and the mission to do “Nothing”, I still managed to utilize paint brush and sketchbook for part of the day:

America’s birthday was a good day.  Cheers!


Seeds: A Contest Entry

Jillian Tamaki, along with her partner Sam Weber, are among the most respected and successful designers/illustrators working today.  I discovered their work while taking Illustration classes in art school, and quickly fell in love.  Today, I continue to follow their work because they are the kind of artists that motivate me while I doggedly pursue my own dreams of doodlin’ for a living.

A few weeks ago Jillian announced she was holding a contest in which anyone could submit a drawing (or donate to Unicef) for a chance to win, either a bag of goodies or a copy of Irish Myths & Legends, which Jillian illustrated.  This was a no-brainer!  I submitted a drawing.

The drawing contest theme was Summer Myths, and to tell you the truth guys, nothing came immediately to mind.  I mean, nothing I wanted to draw.  Vague fuzzy things of pools and jellyfish, but zero compositions.  So I did a little research.

I rediscovered the old tale of seeds sprouting in your stomach if you swallowed watermelon seeds.  Thumbnails ensued.

I played with the idea of a collection of summer-ish vignettes.

But I went back to the “seed” myth, and I liked this concept.

Pencil draft.  (Uhh..yeahhh….sorry for the not-so-great photo.)

The drawing was made with India Ink, watercolor, pastels, charcoal, AND my trusty Sakura White Gelly Roll pen (♥♥♥).  I scanned it in for a bit of light Photoshop magic.

And the final piece!  I sent off my contest entry last week and crossed my fingers.

There were to be three winners: one randomly selected from the pool of donations, and two of the best drawings: one pro, and on non-pro.  Jillian announced the contest winners today, and, dudes – I WON!!!!

Not only am I super excited to receive my copy of the Irish Myths & Legends book, filled with Jillian’s luscious illustrations, but a nod from the lady herself is quite the honor for me.

I was in good company too, as evidenced by the selection of honorable mentions and fellow Pro-winner Andrew Schick.  Please pay a visit to the results page and see for yourself.

Thanks to Jillian!  And I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend; I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending to mine!