Seasons // Winter

Another forever looping animated GIF for this never ending winter.  You’re welcome!

I’ve been toiling away so hard on this little comic that I made myself sick last week.  So instead of covering myself in pizza crumbs while working on the couch, I listlessly worked while slurping soup and slouching on….the couch.

There were brief moments when the light at the end of the tunnel was a tiny pin prick, and like Frodo Baggins on his long journey to dispose of the Ring, I too thought I would never be rid of finished with this comic.

BUT BEHOLD – I drew the final lines yesterday!!!!  REJOICE!  And off to the printer it goes, as I wait nervously for the results.

3 responses to “Seasons // Winter

  1. Hey Lady! I just nominated you for a blogging award over at looking for pemberley-

  2. Jennifer Rhodes

    Love your animated comic. The moving scenery was really cool.

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