So It Begins

With all the craziness of the last few weeks, it’s been awhile since I’ve been at my usual Studio Hermit/Constant Drawing self.  It felt nice to return from Sasquatch and push a pencil and brush for awhile.  When I lapse, I tend to feel a little “off” (i.e. – “CRAZY”).

After a period sans arts-making, I need to do a few warm-up exercises.  Over the last week I’ve done plenty, including a few Portland People drawings.  The last one I worked on was a quick doodle of a young (real life) fellow sporting a fashionable…”butt flap” (you know, the kind punk rock kids usually wear?).

Lately, I’ve been doing more than just a little Photoshop clean-up, going so far as to enhance (GASP) the original drawings.  OMG.  What is happening to me.

And here’s the little dude after a bit of wizardy:

But nowwww, the fun stuff begins!  After figuring out a general layout and a bit of thumbnailing, I’ve started work on Adult Babysitting: Volume II! YAAAAAAAY!

Here is the first working page for the second volume:


Oh man, this is going to be fun.

P.S. – What’s Adult Babysitting?  Geez, go pick up Volume I already.

5 responses to “So It Begins

  1. I can sympathize. I have not been able to blog regularly like I used to in a very long time. We all just do what we can. I like your writing. I think I’ll be back again. :-)

  2. I love the drawings! Especially the woman at the bottom. I think I know her.

  3. Love your artwork and style of coloring :D

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