Work / Play

Recently: I bought a large format sketchbook for the first time since I was a teenager and had a lot of fun torturing myself with all this lettering.

Lately: summer is in full swing in Portland, and it usually becomes difficult balancing Work/Play during this time, so we pepper in some studio hours when we can between all the barbeques and the sunshine.

Last week was my birthday.  I looked like a Lady for a good couple hours:

Jake was super sneaky and gave me a very generous gift:

GUH!!  So sneaky.  I gotta watch what I draw in my sketchbook from now on or I’ll end up with some Unicorn on acid or a really tired Battle Badger.

And don’t forget, THIS WEDNESDAY!

This will be fun.  Hope to see you there!

3 responses to “Work / Play

  1. watercolors? I just started watercoloring. I must say I quite don’t know what I’m doing. any tips?

    • India inks, actually. The waterproof kind. These colors don’t run.

      Watercolors/inks are more forgiving than other mediums, especially oils. I say just start experimenting on decent paper. I like using watercolors over linework.

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