July Drink + Draw

Last night’s Drink & Draw was the first we hosted in many months, and it was met with a wonderful turnout of friends, Internets friends, friends of Internets friends, and friendly strangers.

Apex has fifty (FIFTY!) beers and an expansive patio, which makes it the perfect summer venue.  Eli of Lemolo Baggage and Nikki were slingin’ the drinks that fueled our doodles.  Rambunctious, rowdy, & crass, at least half of our quietly drawing gang were 86’d from the bar and any member who didn’t produce quality sketches were forced to have knife fights with strangers in the middle of Division Street.  DUDE YOU SHOULD TOTALLY COME!

Here’s stuff I doodled:

Still dreaming of that Animal Battle series.  The idea is patiently waiting on a brain shelf and I hope to put it to use soon.

Thanks to everyone that came out last night, and keep your eyes peeled for when we announce next month’s Drink & Draw event!

High fives,

One response to “July Drink + Draw

  1. This is a wicked idea for an event I wish I could take part in something like that!!! what you do is too much, I am going to make more of an effort to pick up a pencil this summer you inspired that lol

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