Progress // ABV2 // Phil Collins

After weeks of working on various projects, I’m back to toiling away on the second volume of my mini-comic series, Adult Babysitting.

This latest spread illustrates my own entry in the bar’s log book, a night on which an epic Phil Collin’s jam session resulted in spirited table drumming and sing alongs.  Heck, I’m not much of a Phil fan myself, but this was a pretty fun night.

As usual I penciled and inked the illustration by hand, then colored digitally.  Below you’ll find yet another super exciting animated GIF showing my coloring process.  WEEEEEEEEE

(click for fun)

More to come!

10 responses to “Progress // ABV2 // Phil Collins

  1. Love this! You have great skills. Bloody phil!

  2. Nice blog with amazing illustrations. I love your blog. Keep it up!

  3. This is great stuff. Captures a universally known music moment. Not a Phil fan either -lost me at SuSuSuddio but I can still handle a bit of Easy Lover- but I continue to find myself air drumming this moment every time I hear it.

    • Oh man, have you seen the Phil/Bone Thugs collab?

      Not shown on this epic sing-along night was that the cook in the kitchen HATES Phil Collins and was nearly suicidal for a good hour.

      • I will now be searching for the Phil/Bone Thugs and will report back. Poor cook. He probably feels quite confident in never needing to resort to self-harm at work most nights!

  4. Just checked out Phil/Bone Thugs. Phil likes hats and button downs. Thought he was odd until the third rapper kicked it for his verse. Wow. Thanks for the tip. That Phil track took me back to the public swimming pool high dive days and chasing girls after parking my ten speed.

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