Lettering Love




If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that some pretty awesome stuff has been going on lately.  Not only did the holidays bring family and friends, and lovely little trinkets like eyeball rings, but December also brought with it a Seattle adventure and big changes to my home studio.


Jake Seattle



Just before Christmas we made the short trip from PDX to Seattle to partake in a sold out show by Louis CK.  Was Louis CK good?  YES, YES HE WAS.




I’d been in dire need of a computer upgrade when I finally bit the bullet and put in my order the newest, biggest, fanciest iMac yet.  It just delivered this week, and OH MYYYYYYYY is it magical!  It took a little while to get all my “old-timey” devices to work on the newest OS (these macs don’t even have disc drives anymore), but son, it’s worth every penny.

It’s hard to believe how much work was output from my durable little laptop, but I was really pushing it to its limits – files dragged, the motor constantly heaved, and that little rainbow ball of death would spin for eternity as it struggled to save my huge files.

No more – I shall wrap up the final files for Adult Babysitting: Volume II in style, soon to be at the printer.  AW YEAH






And throughout it all, always drawing.  Lettering has been so satisfying with my fancy new brush pen, I just can’t stop experimenting in my sketchbook.

Stay tuned for more comics updates – there’s plenty to come in January!


5 responses to “Lettering Love

  1. Really nice!

  2. That’s a great gift. ENJOY !!!

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