Animal Battle // Fox





This coming Spring I’ll be hosting my first solo show in quite a while.  I’ve been brewing a few ideas for about a year now, all surrounding the theme of Animal Battle.

In addition to lettering experimentation, I’ve been developing various animal soldiers in my sketchbook.  Initial sketches were quite violent, but I’m going to stray away from the bloodshed, as that’s not what this is really about.  Instead, my comrades will be armed with weapons of wood and indulge in frivolous costume.  Think Richard Scarry meets Lord of the Rings.





Last night I made friends with a fox, who can be both sneaky and genteel.

I played around with some quick digital color too:




Look for more colorful creatures in the coming months; my solo show will be opening at Pony Club Gallery in May!


5 responses to “Animal Battle // Fox

  1. I’m always so envious of people who can draw from their imagination. Wish you best of luck with your show and the preparation!

  2. Super!!!

  3. I love the eagle and the wolf illustration!!!! *Cynthia

  4. Richard Scarry meets LoTR? Oh man… that sounds right up my alley, and totally rad! Whimsical bloodshed and dapper costuming ftw!

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