To celebrate Valentine’s Day this week, GRIDLords is releasing its first ever comic anthology, entitled I’m Not Afraid to Love.

The Anthology will be in black and white, but for my contribution, I couldn’t resist the urge to fill the white space with fluffy pastel colors of the Rococo period.

Enjoy your day of swooning!


5 responses to “Romance

  1. Your illustrations are awesome, but the way you coloured this work is sublime and definitely adds more depth in my opinion.

  2. Love these!! Vintage !! You can see the romance in their expressions!!! *Cynthia

  3. This is so cool! I love how the ladies looked back then. Also, this totally describes current day love triangles… love is an unchanging word.

  4. I really like these they are really good!!!! Plus you did really good on the hands I know a lot of people who like to create art and have trouble with the hands.

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