New! Adult Babysitting Volume II





NOW IN MY SHOP: Adult Babysitting Volume II!

Have you ever waited tables?  Shlepped drinks on a tray?  Stood behind a busy bar for 7 hours while needing to pee the whole time as you mix and muddle hundreds of cocktails?  Dealt with the drunken public?  Read horrible Yelp reviews about yourself by that asshole you kicked out of the bar once?  Cleaned up someone else’s puke out of a sink?

Yeah, I get you.  I’ve done it too.  This comic series is meant for you.







With hilarious true stories and shocking behavior by grown-ups who should know better, find some solace in these small volumes.  Sip a whiskey while you’re at it.

And for those of you who have never spent time working in the service industry, do yourself a favor: get educated.


4 responses to “New! Adult Babysitting Volume II

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