Animal Battle // Eyes + Hands




In this second large drawing for Animal Battle, these soldiers suit up in the colors pink and green for their army, Eyes + Hands.






And for the first time ever, I’ve captured my process in a time-lapse video!  It’s pretty nuts watching hours and hours of work reduced to just a few minutes.

Watch this drawing come to life:

And here is the official flyer for my show!


I’m super excited for this opening!  I’m also super excited to finish this work.  So…..back to the drawing board.


9 responses to “Animal Battle // Eyes + Hands

  1. What an amazing video- I love seeing all the details that go into the finished piece- so inspiring! :)

  2. Just fantastic. Thanks for sharing the process. Entertaining AND inspiring.

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    that hedgehog is just adorable.

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    From Little Wolf

  5. Wow your art is amazing!!!! Everyone who likes to draw/paint should come check out my blog. Especially if you draw American comic style.

  6. Wowza, this is gorgeous work. To echo the the thoughts of Leigh and drawingescape, this is so inspiring! I’m just curious about the size of the paper you were working on? Thanks (:

  7. I love your artwork !! *Cynthia

  8. Love your work and the video ! Please consider submitting to our call for artists at Dulcinea Art Gallery. It is free to submit!

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