Animal Battle // Ring-Tailed Cat






A Ring-Tailed Cat – also known as a Miner’s Cat – isn’t a cat at all.  This species actually belongs to the raccoon family (as you can probably tell by that super fluffy stripey tail).  It is also the official state mammal of my former home, Arizona.

As I slowly settle back into a routine in my studio, I’m discovering the process for these Animal Battle paintings is pretty minimal.  I usually research a bunch of images to reference for each new animal, then do one quick sketch (seen above) to figure out what my beast will wear.  In this case, I wanted to arm this soldier with succulents from his arid desert environment, as well as prickly pear cacti and a few barrel cactus.

I wouldn’t mess with this guy.


13 responses to “Animal Battle // Ring-Tailed Cat

  1. I wouldn’t mess with any animal wielding a cactus.

  2. …wow…just when I thought I’d never need to wear epaulets….beautiful piece…thank you for posting…

  3. For such a little wolf you have a huge amount of talent!

  4. Very very cool!

  5. Great drawings! ~ Dennis

  6. itisalonelyworld

    your art is so lovely!

  7. Fab pics and well crafted work of art. It’s a sheer delight:)

  8. I want to “Like” this post but I don’t find where to do so. Anyway, I loved it! You are very talented, it’s a very beautiful creature. I’m also from a desert so I like to see how artists use their enviroment, specially if its MY enviroment haha. Thank you for being so creative.

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