Animal Battle // Giraffe Scout







Giraffe Scout (of the Eyes + Hands Army)

22 X 15″


In the world of Animal Battle, there are tasks that need to be performed by different soldiers, just like in the real world.  One such task is that of a land surveyor, who helps blaze new trails and maps out campsites.  Giraffes are a perfect candidate, naturally, since they are one giant long neck and a head above the rest.  As it happens, they’ve got a knack for cartography, too.


5 responses to “Animal Battle // Giraffe Scout

  1. thaaanx

  2. I love your reasoning!
    …and your technique is faultless.

  3. Wow, LOVE it! that delicate, very beautiful. I love giraffes.

  4. Marvellous drawing. Annoyingly good, actually.

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