Animal Battle // The Enemy










Soldier of The Enemy

12 x 16″


Last week, I began the search for The Enemy in my sketchbook.  In Animal Battle, The Enemy represents Fear and Doubt.  I let my pencil and brush search out the details that would personify those negative feelings: the black smoke of doubt that clouds your mind, the heart-jolting strike of fear.  From these sketches the first soldier of The Enemy was born.

On a lighter note, this fella is based on the tenacious Honey Badger (because Honey Badger don’t care.)


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7 responses to “Animal Battle // The Enemy

  1. I adore each of your animals so much that I’ve been dreading the big battle. I don’t want any of your delightful animals to be the least bit hurt or wounded. Now that I realize that their enemy is Fear and Doubt, my own two gravest enemies, I reluctantly understand. I often surrender to Fear and Doubt without even daring to fight back. Good for you for challenging those baddies!

    • I made the decision early on that this battle wouldn’t be physically violent, so rest easy! Since it is a symbolic battle that takes place in the mind, injuries and defeats will take a different form. Besides, I don’t think I could bring myself to draw a mortally injured animal soldier. Just – no, nope, can’t do it.

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing the astounding journey towards the development of this wicked beast. I am fascinated by your process and in awe of the outcome!

  3. I love this terrifying little beast! He has the small, menacing eyes and sharp, hungry teeth of some fearful monster. I like the smokey additions, the fearsome vapour, or even the intangible quality of doubt.

  4. This is so creative. Why doesn’t my brain work like this ?

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