San Francisco

Good Morning, San Francisco.


Hello y’all.  Long time no blog.

I’ve just returned from an a lengthy vacation – lots of pool floating, California sunshine, city skylines, and Do Nothing’s.  Not even drawing.

I’m refreshed and so excited to be back in the studio and working again, and despite the fact that I haven’t drawn in over a week, I still have a little somethin’ somethin’ to show you.






A friend of mine is quite fond of Narwhals, so for her birthday I whipped up this special Animal Battle creature.  You would think this mystical creature is fictional, but in fact that unicorn horn is quite real, and one long snaggle tooth (and usually a front left canine).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some work to do.



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15 responses to “Narwhal

  1. These are great sketches- love the paintings…just gorgeous!

  2. I’m feeling lots of love for the narwahl!

  3. The narwhal is just wonderful. A great image, love the hat

  4. Thats awesome! Super creative :) Do you have an etsy store or something like that where you sell your work?

  5. such a beautiful creature you’ve got ~

  6. The depth of the colours are combined so beautifully with the underline meanings. Magnificent piece of work

  7. Great piece of work :)

  8. I’m glad I came across your blog! Beautiful pics! And I love your “Little Wolf” logo!

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