The Neverending Story is one of my all-time favorite movies.  I watched the film a dozen times when I was a kid and again more recently, and was pleasantly surprised to see it hold up so well in 2013.




And now, my favorite gallery in the world, Pony Club, of which I am a member (not biased at all guys), will be hosting our first group show in months.  Nostalgia will feature new and desaturated works by rad artists this Thursday, October 3rd!  Falcor will be in attendance, and I hear my co-member Keith Carter will be showing a Secret of Nimh piece.

If you’re in Portland, how could you not?  Usher in the Fall season the right way.  See you kids there!


6 responses to “Falcor

  1. I love the never ending story. Who has not dreamed of flying with Falcor;)?

  2. This really made me smile and sink into the warmth of nostalgia

  3. I love those top two illustrations. My boyfriend is obsessed with Neverending Story too so I shall have to direct him over here to have a look at these illustrations. Labyrinth was my personal favourite, gotta love Bowie! X

  4. I love this !!! :)*Cynthia

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