Fantastic Fox // Wes Anderson




This Halloween weekend San Francisco gallery Spoke Art is hosting its fourth annual WES ANDERSON “Bad Dads” tribute show, featuring tons original artwork based on Anderson’s films.

The gallery requested I create a couple works based on Fantastic Mr. Fox, and I couldn’t have picked a better film myself.  These two pieces are based on a couple of my favorite scenes:





“Bad Dads” will be a special two-night opening starting this Friday, November 1st!  Spoke Art is doing a special preview of work (contact them directly), and prints of both of these pieces will be available at the gallery.  It’s bound to be a great show.

For more information about the opening, visit Spoke Art’s event page.

Now online! Original art and prints now listed through Spoke Art’s site.

*click click* whistle

OH and HAPPY HALLOWEENIE y’all.  I hope it’s a spooky one.


7 responses to “Fantastic Fox // Wes Anderson

  1. I love his movie. It is a very great picture!

  2. These are amazing! Happy Halloween! :)

  3. I would love to have George Clooney as my dad! Who wouldn’t want to be Batman’s kid? :)

  4. Amazing! what technique did you use to paint that images?

  5. Fantastically charming artwork… You’ve captured the heart of the book and movie!

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