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The 4th annual Wes Anderson tribute art show at Spoke Art Gallery was awesome!  Together with my main squeeze Jake and art homie Keith Carter, we trekked down to San Francisco to suss out the scene ourselves, and we weren’t disappointed.  The art was wildly different and wonderful, and there were plenty of costumes inspired by Anderson’s many films.

Since opening weekend, originals and prints from the show have been flying, including my own print (pictured above).  This little 8 x 10″ number has been going so quick I just signed a whole new batch to ship to SF yesterday.  Here is where you can get yer paws on one of your own!

To top it off, the trip made for a great Halloween weekend, although we ourselves didn’t dress up.  That was done the weekend before.  What did we go as?  Well, see for yourself:






While I can’t claim to have spooked anybody with my toy soldier outfit, Jake did a nice job of creeping out several Normals with his Scarecrow steez.


(more, so much more, where do I have the time)

Last Thursday was the opening of my first curated group show as a member of the Pony Club Gallery, “Dead Man’s Party”.  I knew I had a stellar lineup, but when the work started arriving the week prior, I nearly teared up it was so beautiful.  Tears in my eyes, guys.

A small sampling:


Mark Rogers


Brooke Weeber


Teagan White


Esao Andrews


Brad Delay

And MORE.  So much more!  See the rest, and photos from opening night, here at Pony Club’s page.  If you’re in Portland, the show is up all month through December 1st.

Welp, with the holidays just around the corner there’s plenty left to do.  Keep your eyes peeled here for a special pre-holiday sale coming to my shop!


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  1. That Halloween costumes … superb (those paintings too)!

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