Animal Battle Sculpture: Part III



Meet Tolly Peppercorn.


Here he is!  Ready for battle.  The last part of this lengthy process was something I’m well-versed in: painting.  Let’s look at some pictures, shall we?

(In case you missed it, here are Parts I and II.)






Just like the original illustration, I started off with a creamy-colored base – a coat of white gesso, followed by a coat of tinted gesso.

Painting fur on a sculpture with acrylics was new territory for me, and a bit more labor intensive.  Acrylics are a different beast, and his fur required 4 or 5 layers of glazing and brushstrokes of different colors.  In the beginning, he was quite red, like a fox, before he turned into a brown raccoon.




Here you can see all the holes I made in his capelet prior to baking.





The tiniest bolo tie ever!  I had some coffee before painting the tie.  I don’t recommend it.






It was time to add his wooden sword (made from clay, of course), so I molded some black Apoxie Sculpt onto his arm and moss cape.






I “planted” all the little ‘shroomies and flowers and branches I’d painted.  Then I had to figure out this flag situation.  Here’s a droopy-looking test subject, cut from an old cotton t-shirt.




On the left are my first run of battle flags, which I wasn’t too happy with.  On the right are Version-Two-Point-Oh.  Much better!  I didn’t want them to be too droopy, though, so I dipped them in watered down Elmer’s Glue to stiffen them up a bit, then curled the flags.

In my childish excitement I stopped taking photos as I neared the end.  I threaded some embroidery floss through his mask-hat, finished up painting the last bits, cleaned up and stained the wooden base, signed it, and VOILÁ:








And HERE’S a video showing some sweet 360 action:


Tolly Peppercorn is pleased to meet you.  Thanks for reading, and I’ll be back soon with more (oh yes, more) sculptures.

Tally Ho,


37 responses to “Animal Battle Sculpture: Part III

  1. VERY impressive! He’s a wonderful character, and you translated him from drawing to sculpture beautifully!

  2. He is just gorgeous! I can just see him marching about, preparing for battle. What a wonderful artist you are! :)

  3. I really love the outcome, fantastic paint job. It (he) reminds me of a character from Colin Meloy’s Wildwood books…very nice.

  4. He looks amazing!!! Makes me want to be a kid again to stage battle scenes with it…Nope, I’d still do that now.

  5. He’s perfect. You spared no expense on the details… I like the sky of constellations on the heart… and so much else about him. Are there stories to go along with your paintings/characters?

  6. awesome works, really inspiring :)

  7. You did SUCH a great job, Maryanna, he is so cute and cuddly and fierce and unique ;-) !!
    I can´t wait to see who you will create to accompany him. And I feel very inspired by your work and the fun you obviously and understandably have with the creative process.

  8. IT’S SO GOOD! I can’t believe you said you didn’t have much experience with sculptures. This is truly amazing! Congrats on such an awesome job!

  9. So fantastic! Each and every detail is so wonderfully whimsical – I adore those flags. I still think the mushrooms and branches on his cape are my favorite part. :)

  10. Wonderful, I love bringing drawings to life! Your use of colour is so bold but works perfectly. Thank you for sharing this!

  11. Wow! The best thing ever!!!

  12. In love with this sculpture. The finished product is amazing.

  13. ah! please tell Tolly Peppercorn that we’re all very pleased to meet him too!

  14. Really nice! Congrats !
    Great character.

  15. This is simply amazing! I can’t believe i’m finding your blog NOW. You’re a truly talented artist (well, duh) and i’m just browsing through everything in complete fascination. I love this work, just wow!

  16. Very cool sculpture!!!

  17. Carol Farnum Art

    i. love. this. so. very. his mask perched atop his head rocks my socks off!! *well done*

  18. This is some absolutely gorgeous work.

  19. You are a natural artist and a fantastic model maker. Character, color and style, you cover all the bases. I think you might enjoy looking at my old website: Best of luck!

  20. Oh wow this is seriously freaking amazing!!!!

  21. loving your crazy/beautiful creatures!

  22. What a smashing cavalier.
    Follow my blog.

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