Say hello to Jarvis.


I’ve just wrapped up my second Animal Battle sculpture, a little sloth soldier I’ve named Jarvis.  Don’t let that cute mug fool you – he’s one tough cookie.

Rather then go into great detail about my process, I’ll just share some photos I managed to remember to take along the way.  Let’s:










This time around, my skeleton/armature was much better, and sturdier too.  And I remembered to use a lot more foil.  I also upgraded my (super old) liquitex paints for some nice liquid Golden.  Made a huge difference.

There were a lot of failed attempts and do-overs.  I changed his little snout probably about six times, and his pants definitely took a couple tries.  One of the biggest challenges was figuring out how to make a cloth banner that appeared to blow in the breeze.  The secret?  A heck of a lot of patience.

It was worth it.










And here’s a little video, of course:

Jarvis from Maryanna Hoggatt on Vimeo.

I’m pleased to announce that both Tolly and Jarvis, along with many sculptures to come, will be part of my next show at Hellion Gallery this August!  By then I’ll have a small army to share with you.

Stay Golden,


37 responses to “Jarvis

  1. Welcome Jarvis to the WORLD! You are absolutely beautiful, such a great process shared, THANK YOU!

  2. Your creations are so cute!

  3. Hi jarvis! You’re my favourite thing EVER!

  4. So fantastic!!!! I can’t get enough. So whimsically wonderful!!

  5. Carol Farnum Art

    i love him. i want to rub noses with him!! ;)

  6. jarvis is so cute and intricately done :) hoping to see more of your sculpture of the animal battle characters.

  7. Your sculptures just scream out for a Tim Burton style, stop-motion film. Can I ask; is there a story that goes with them? Perhaps a possible screenplay?

  8. I am so amazed right now! Your work is absolutely beautiful :D

  9. Oh such a sweeeeet little fella, I wish I could come to your show in August! But your documentation is so great fun that I won´t wimper. Can´t wait for your army to form….coatis, kangaroos, wombats, moles? ;-)))

  10. I’m loving the animal sculptures! Disturbingly cute…
    Could I possibly write about you on my new creative blog? I plan to showcase all different talented individuals from all round the world and in numerous creative trades!

  11. Once again: wow. He is adorable and amazing looking.

  12. It’s so much energy and work in these little figures and they are just amazing!

  13. your sculptures are so cool – very much enjoying seeing the process photos and just how detailed the final product is.

  14. http://michellebloomsart.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/jarvis-1.jpg i had to share a painting…i did it a while ago, and i named him jarvis. and he seems similar to your jarvis and i thought it was serendipitous! i love your jarvis creation. :) amazing.

  15. I don’t know that I’ve ever paid any attention to figurines and stuff like this, but your work is just so visually engaging. Do you do any work for movies or things like that?

  16. I love him and his little heart shield! You are a master creator!

  17. Wow, it’s beautiful♥

  18. Oh my god, it is so cute :D Great great work!

  19. These are beautiful pieces of work! Thanks for sharing them!! :)

  20. Reblogged this on Crafty Little Makers and commented:
    Really love this Blog and the work that is shown on here. Incredible detail and skill!

  21. I wish i could be this artistic. The style looks very Wes Anderson cartoonish to me, which I think is awesome!

  22. Great and beatutiful work! :D

  23. I’m no sculptor, but I am an artist. although i’m not really that experienced, i can definitely say that your sculpting style is one of the most interesting and whimsically beautiful i’ve seen! very nice!

  24. Wow! This is amazing work! He’s so cute.

  25. Wow, your sculpting is amazing!!

  26. I love your art, it’s so adorable! :)

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