Many moons have passed since I last posted, and all of them were spent bringing Juniper to life.

Juniper is a lady Striped Hyena, and she was created from one of my Animal Battle paintings:



I managed to photograph a little bit of her long journey:








In case you’re wondering – yeah, that part took forever.




Her grass skirt.  Above, the first failed attempt.  Below, the successful garment.  Each took much too long, but was worth the effort.




And that’s all I’ll be showing to you guys, for now.  Full works will be revealed this August at Hellion Gallery, a show I’m very excited about.

Thank you for reading along and all your lovely comments, I’m happy you enjoy looking at the sculptures as much as I love making them.

 Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to work!

Tally Ho,


27 responses to “Juniper

  1. Your creations are just so cool! Love this one!

  2. great work! go ahead with your amazing job, wish you all the best

  3. Incredible! Such beautiful whimsical work.

  4. That is a lot of work! I thought you would like this video that includes cultural info on hyenas. It is quite amazing. This guy is like the horse whisperer only with lions and hyenas.

  5. Extremely impressive. Reminds me of the quality of “Rango”.


    Your work is so beautiful and your Juniper has such a tender heart.

  7. So lovely :)

  8. Your skill and dedication are truly inspirational. Also I’ve fallen a little bit in love with Juniper.

  9. Oh. My. Gosh. That is SO SUPERDUPERCOOL! Simply … WOW!

  10. Oh my goodness… This is absolute genius! I’m new to your blog. What a treasure!

  11. I am so impressed! Juniper is so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Wow, this is absolutely incredible. Taking a painting and making it real. I love it.

  13. WOW WOW WOW! that’s all I can say! out of this world talented….Blessings!

  14. Your artwork is totally inspiring. I’m in awe!

  15. I must have been dozing when you posted Juniper…I’m glad I’ve woken up in time to appreciate her! Again, another fine transition from two to three dimensions, I do reckon she’s perfect! :)

    (Do I see any birds in your sculptural future or will this be strictly mammals?)

  16. Absolutely amazing. Have you considered taking her to a park or something to make pictures that look like she’s in the wild?

  17. It may have taken a while and a LOT of patience, but it looks brilliant. Even if I could make such an amazing sculpture, I could never finish it…I would never have enough patience! Well done, it’s absolutely Epical! :)

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