Hey kids.

If you follow me on Insta or Twitter or anywhere else, really, you’d know that despite my long bouts of blog silence, I’ve been steadily churning out work in my studio.











Until the big reveal at Hellion Gallery in August, I’m only sharing glimpses for now.  To tantalize you.  And to communicate with the outside world, as these days, I ain’t getting out much.  It’s like a radio signal I send to space that bounces back to Earth and shows up on your phone, and you confirm my transmission was received with a little ” ♥︎ “.  We are in the future.

Anyway, for more up-to-the-minute updates, you can find me under @Leetlewolf in most places.  Or you can wait here for sporadic photo bursts, like this one.  It’s your world, man.





23 responses to “Hermit

  1. <3 love the sneak peek!

  2. SO amazing! I will definitely go follow on Twitter now. :)

  3. Really digging the Narwhal…oh, and bravo on the mouse whiskers; nice and delicate.

  4. Wow, you really have a talent! Your creatures are a mix of fantasy and reality, and I love it. :)

  5. WOW <3 And now I'll go find you on Insta!

  6. WOW – again great detail work and sooo nice unique characters! I wonder how you manage to get the Sculpey that smooth, it´s amazing ! Is it due to your using a “pasta-maker” for the Sculpey-pieces as you mentioned in the beginning of your sculpting-journey?

  7. Just went and followed you as I LOVE your creations, I’m so creepy.

  8. Outstanding work of art! Too sad me European will not get a chance to see those in RL *sadpanda*.

  9. Lovely how simple but detailed. It gives me a great feeling of patience! Is this a pig-cat on last photo? :) and I really like your tattoo Ma’am

  10. very artistic and beutiful work !!

  11. I like your art very very much!!You get an amazing imagination !
    and open mind…

  12. wow it is beautiful!! such a nice work i like that cat a lot it is looking cute in pink color :)

  13. Incredible job!! I love your website design as well

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