Photograph by Margaret Jacobsen.

I was born in the Philippines, raised in the dusty deserts of Arizona, and now live in the rainy forests of Oregon.  I attended the Pacific Northwest College of Art but later dropped out, only to land my first solo show in Portland soon after.  Over five long years were spent slinging drinks behind a bar, during which time I created an autobiographical comic series called “Adult Babysitting”.  In 2013, I took a leap of faith and went freelance full-time.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many clients, including Willamette Week, Nike, Amazon, Microsoft, & Redbull, plus lots of local businesses, galleries, and lovely individuals.  I was a member of the Pony Club Gallery from 2012 – 2014, curating group shows and hosting a solo show.

While in my freelance work I’ve pursued many avenues – commercial work, editorial, cartooning – it is my personal work that always calls me home.  My current focus is  creating a character-driven series called Animal Battle , composed of paintings and sculptures.

I started this blog in February of 2010, and one of my goals was to share the process behind my work, including illustrations from start to finish, and the various things that inspire me to create.

Welcome to my blog, and please enjoy your stay!

© Maryanna Hoggatt and LittleWolfBlog, [2009-2013]. Please do not steal.

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  1. Just wanted to say hello. I stumbled upon your blog today & really enjoyed looking through your sketches & artwork. You are very talented. Glad I stumbled in your direction.

  2. Love your header, be careful with that knife! : )

  3. I love your work and your site. I received the Versatile Blogger Award recently. Now I am passing it on to you!

  4. Whoa! I just followed a link to your blog from Looking For Pemberley and…just…whoa! So good!

  5. hullo, just found your site through another blog and am glad I did. Thanks for sharing your stunning work

  6. Hello(:
    I truly adore your blog, you’re sketches are simply breathtaking! I wanted you to know that I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog” Award(:
    Come check it out at http://coffeeantics.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/123/.
    Keep up with the amazing stuff!
    Anna Garcia

  7. Your blog is great! I’m always interesting in learning about an artist’s process. I’m new to blogging so I look forward to learning more from you.

  8. Hi, just found your site from the WordPress newsletter. Nice site and like the drawings and theme. I wrote a fantasy travel series of adventures across Australia to a Wizard of Oz theme with a vegetarian werewolf hero at: http://australiatraveller.wordpress.com/ I’ve since published it in text as a kindle and createspace book. If you’d like to draw some of the stories or anything to do with it that’d be cool.

  9. I’ve found you on the wordpress.com font review.. Love your artistic talent and your blog:D

  10. Hi! I have to tell you that I was snooping around your blog this morning, and followed a link to “Adult Babysitting” at your Etsy store. It is just wondrous! The drawing/colors of Springtime outside your bar were so evocative, I actually could hear the raindrops on the big black umbrellas. Loved it!!! Thanks for that – made my morning. You are amazing. – Ren

  11. Hi… I am wondering about a photo I found on google, of an Arizona sunset and it showed your littlewolfblog…and then I read here that you lived in Arizona. This one Arizona sunset you took is so amazing…and I am looking for something with those color’s for my background webpage header…I was wondering what else is possible in being able to use your photo…or what that might look like. This may be a strange request…I have never done this before either…just that I fell in love with the photo and it has the “feel” I am looking for. Your art work looks fun, and I especially like your adult babysitting …there’s a few people I know who would like that. Okay..well..hope to hear back from you soon, you have my email here. Cheers!

  12. Hi, just checking out your work. Its amazing. :)

  13. I just found your blog- love your work- its beautiful+so inspiring!

  14. Nice drawings and thoughts. I will follow you ;)

  15. your blog is cute, nice to meet u

  16. I just wanted to say I love your work! I love when I set out on a random blog search and I stumble upon blogs such as yours!! Look forward to seeing more in the future! :)

  17. I love you.

  18. Ayin Calderon

    OMG you’re a Filipina! Since when did you moved to the States? :)

  19. Hi, just found your blog under my “You May Like” section. I like what I see so far.

  20. Came across your blog and am delighted so far! As someone with negative levels of artistic ability, I envy and admire in equal measure those who can bring a mental image and make it come to life on the page, or wall, or screen or whatever! Look forward to seeing more of your lovely work.

  21. I have never saw such cute, evil, sad and beautiful work – I love the combination and dark humour in animal battle – it’s made me smile with glee and inspired me today thanks

  22. I love your work. Congratulations!!!

  23. Your work is lush and gorgeous and so full of soul and i JUST FRIGGIN ADORE IT!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  24. I love your drawings

  25. I love your drawings + comics! So beautiful and well-expressed.

  26. Hi, somewhere on this blog is a scanner image of the palms of hands which I downloaded through google, I would like to use it in a composition I am creating for a Uni assignment. I am asking for permission under the copyright act, could you please let me know asap? Thanks for all the inspiring work you do!

  27. Ohmygoodness gracious. Your blog and work could not be any more adorable/cool. Just fell in love with it all.
    -Kaitlyn :)

  28. Muppelicious blog-keep up the creative genius I look forward to following :)

  29. Wonderful work, it’s so inspiring to see your fine art!
    Best regards

  30. Wonderful and inspiring work!

  31. You are purely a born artist…i you are my inspiration..i am a game developer and i would love to ask you to design some characters for my game@_@!!

  32. Wow! What an amazing journey! So happy to have stumbled across your blog. I love your work and have become an instant fan!

  33. Hello, Im a wolf artist too ! You can see my work at

  34. Your Etsy shop and blog are ADORABLE! Love the image above of you in your studio too :)

  35. Found your blog via your post on Klara Kristalova, I love her work and I am so happy to have found your blog too. Love your illustrations and sculptures, keep up the good work!

  36. Your art is enchanting. Thank you for sharing your think process. I look forward to appreciating more of your personality-amplified creations. I’m an artist too-drawing, painting…I don’t sculpt. I have yet to art-out my new blog and hope to do so soon. I once sculpted a rearing horse in high school (many moons ago). My teacher suggested I pursue another animal in a sturdier pose – I went my way and so did the horse. It collapsed like a drunken sailor much to my teacher’s evil delight.
    Keep inspiring…
    AnnMarie – anntogether.com

  37. Oh wow, adorable, lovely, thanks for heart-warming work :) wish you all the best

  38. Fantastic story. Lovely blog! *clicks follow*

  39. I love your blog so much! The things you make are adorable

  40. amazing, fantastic, I have no words,
    you are very creative!:)

  41. Amazing work! Thank you for sharing your work here in the wide web :)

  42. You work is amazing! I love your animal sculptures! Thanks for sharing.

  43. Hi thank you for sharing your process with us. It is really nice to know you and meet you.Looking forward to visit Littlewolf Regularly. Have a nice day.:)

  44. I just discovered your blog, and I’m very impressed – positively, of course! – by your work… In addition, I really like the name of your blog! :) Your sculptures look wonderful! Have a nice day!

  45. Está increible tu blog :) me encanta. FAV!

  46. HI, It looks like your hard work and dedication are coming to fruition. Kudos to you! I blog about Creative Writing, but I’m going to follow your blog as it is, pardon the pun, a work of art.

  47. jensenempire2551

    i am honored to have come across your blog, and work in progress…. i look forward in doing my best to stay up to date with your work!

    chris jensen

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