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Hogwarts || Part 2


AB_Hogwarts_Expel_Square1 AB_Hogwarts_Expel_Square2 AB_Hogwarts_Expel_Square3 AB_Hogwarts_Expel_Square4 AB_Hogwarts_Expel_Square5


More Harry Potter inspired bartending comics!  If only this could happen in real life.  Although I could probably still make that kid cry like that, without any magic.


Bottoms Up




After months and months of hard work and revisions, I’m happy to announce that Adult Babysitting: Volume II is now at the printer!  May the world rejoice.

Above is the illustration I used for the back cover.  Don’t you wish all bottles grinned at you?

As always, be sure to check out for the latest updates, new drawings, and doodles in progress.



Comic // Hose ‘Er Down


I just finished a full new strip for Adult Babysitting: Volume II, featuring one of my favorite log book entries by my coworker.  In it, a hapless drunkie gets hosed down with water from the soda gun after she pinwheeled her way behind the bar (always a big Nuh-Uh).  Poor thing.

I inked this two page spread on my self-made template I created just for Adult Babysitting, then scanned it into Photoshop for some clean up and added tones.  Wanna see the full comic?  Check it out over on!

And have a wonderful holiday, y’all.  May your feast be plentiful and your house full of family or friends.

Adult Babysitting Updates!

BIG NEWS!  My mini-comic series, Adult Babysitting, now has its own website.  I’ll be updating weekly and posting full strips, including newbies from the forthcoming second volume!

Now you can see works in progress, finished panels, and excitin’ new happenings all in one place.


Progress // ABV2 // Phil Collins

After weeks of working on various projects, I’m back to toiling away on the second volume of my mini-comic series, Adult Babysitting.

This latest spread illustrates my own entry in the bar’s log book, a night on which an epic Phil Collin’s jam session resulted in spirited table drumming and sing alongs.  Heck, I’m not much of a Phil fan myself, but this was a pretty fun night.

As usual I penciled and inked the illustration by hand, then colored digitally.  Below you’ll find yet another super exciting animated GIF showing my coloring process.  WEEEEEEEEE

(click for fun)

More to come!

Adult Babysitting: Vol. I // REPRINT

It’s true.  This place has been crickets lately.  I don’t have much to show you.

EXCEPT THAT PHOTO ABOVE!  That’s because my first comic, Adult Babysitting: Volume I has been reprinted!  Which means you can BUY it here.
Do it do it do it

And yes, although my posting has become rather sparse, I’ve actually been very busy with a big project for the last month or so.  I haven’t even been able to work on ABV2 (WAAHH) or other art things (SOB), but it’s worth it.  Someday soon I can show the project to you.

In the meantime, little wolvies, thanks for checking in.


Adult Babysitting Vol. II // Progress


Still plugging away on my comic, Adult Babysitting.  Since deliberately taking more time with this issue, I’ve been really enjoying exploring new layouts in this wonderful art form we call COMICS.  And of course, I’m still laughing the whole time.

Adult Babysitting: Vol I was recently reviewed in the Portland Mercury, much to my surprise.  See the article here.

And if you STILL haven’t picked up your own copy of Volume I, visit most any Portland comic shop or place an order before I run out!

ABV2 // Nightmares (Progress)

Here’s another strip for Adult Babysitting: Volume II about the requisite nightmares that come along with the job.  It gets worse.  So, soooo much worse.

I’d been away from the drawing table much more than I wanted to last week, so I’m looking forward to putting in a good 80 million hours in the studio to make up for it.

ABV2 // Progress

(in progress)

Another true account about the harrowing lives of bartenders and customer service!  How do we sleep at night?  Someone should do a “clinical study”.

Adult Babysitting: Volume II is slowly but surely coming along.  Look for more glimpses of this issue soon.

Adult Babysitting // Volume II

 Currently working on a few spreads for the next volume of Adult Babysitting.  It’s always fun drawing humans behaving badly.


I’ve also been having actual legit fun pumping up the volume on my illustrations by adding some enhancements in Photoshop.  I’m hoping for lots of vivid, neon color in the next issue.  I want my readers to feel like they’ve got their Beer Goggles on.

Classy eh?  More to come!

Also, a big HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! to this guy, my dad, without whom I wouldn’t be drawing and stuff, and you wouldn’t be reading this blog.  Thanks for being awesome, Dad.