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To celebrate Valentine’s Day this week, GRIDLords is releasing its first ever comic anthology, entitled I’m Not Afraid to Love.

The Anthology will be in black and white, but for my contribution, I couldn’t resist the urge to fill the white space with fluffy pastel colors of the Rococo period.

Enjoy your day of swooning!




AB_Hogwarts_Wing1_Square AB_Hogwarts_Wing2_Square AB_Hogwarts_Wing3_Square AB_Hogwarts_Wing4_Square AB_Hogwarts_Wing5_Square AB_Hogwarts_Wing6_Square


I’ve been re-watching the Harry Potter movies and couldn’t help but think how much more awesome a bartender’s job would be if they had a magical wand.  More to come.


Comic // Hose ‘Er Down


I just finished a full new strip for Adult Babysitting: Volume II, featuring one of my favorite log book entries by my coworker.  In it, a hapless drunkie gets hosed down with water from the soda gun after she pinwheeled her way behind the bar (always a big Nuh-Uh).  Poor thing.

I inked this two page spread on my self-made template I created just for Adult Babysitting, then scanned it into Photoshop for some clean up and added tones.  Wanna see the full comic?  Check it out over on!

And have a wonderful holiday, y’all.  May your feast be plentiful and your house full of family or friends.

Progress // ABV2 // Phil Collins

After weeks of working on various projects, I’m back to toiling away on the second volume of my mini-comic series, Adult Babysitting.

This latest spread illustrates my own entry in the bar’s log book, a night on which an epic Phil Collin’s jam session resulted in spirited table drumming and sing alongs.  Heck, I’m not much of a Phil fan myself, but this was a pretty fun night.

As usual I penciled and inked the illustration by hand, then colored digitally.  Below you’ll find yet another super exciting animated GIF showing my coloring process.  WEEEEEEEEE

(click for fun)

More to come!

Poster // Punk Pinball

A pal of mine asked me to contribute a poster to a special benefit she was hosting for her Uncle, who has MS and needs a new van to accommodate his wheelchair.

Portland has a huge pinball scene (yes, there is even a gang), so this benefit will center around a big Pro-Am pinball tournament.  I was told her Uncle digs punk rock and tattoos, so, naturally, PINBALL + PUNK.

I did probably two quick thumbnails before jamming out the black and white illo (above), then did something new and sparkly – a lettering overlay on tracing vellum.  WHAT!  Logical and convenient?  You know how sometimes you do something and afterwards you’re like, “Why wasn’t I doing this the WHOLE time?  Why haven’t I been doing this my entire 31 years??”

I credit this extremely prolonged light bulb moment to the tons of hours I’ve been working digitally lately.  Thanks, Photoshop.

If you’re a local, dig pinball, and want to help a good cause, check out the event here.


Portland People // Lady Couple

Original scan > Flat color > Embellishments

My Portland People series is the perfect platform for digital coloring experiments.  A mere few years ago I knew cuss about Photoshop, even really hating it.  But the more I force myself to practice with Photoshop, the more I actually enjoy it.

While I’ll always be a traditional medium girl, I will finally admit that there’s some pretty cool shit you can do in Photoshop.  (Although I still paint waaaaay faster than when using a wacom tablet!)

August Drink + Draw

(typography added by Jake)

We’re hosting another awesome summer gathering on the patio tables of Apex; join us for an evening of art talks, sketchbook challenges, and tasty beers.

Portland People // Rollerblades

We spotted this lady wheelin’ around under the Ross Island bridge last Saturday, and she landed in my sketchbook on Sunday.  I don’t get to do a Portland People illustration often enough.

I scanned the ink + brush drawing into Photoshop and fleshed it out digitally, which I do sometimes but not always.  There were some areas (like the column) that I color-blocked in order to give it a finished look.

More and more I’m enjoying the digital coloring process.  Me From Three Years Ago is shocked.

Adult Babysitting // Volume II

 Currently working on a few spreads for the next volume of Adult Babysitting.  It’s always fun drawing humans behaving badly.


I’ve also been having actual legit fun pumping up the volume on my illustrations by adding some enhancements in Photoshop.  I’m hoping for lots of vivid, neon color in the next issue.  I want my readers to feel like they’ve got their Beer Goggles on.

Classy eh?  More to come!

Also, a big HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! to this guy, my dad, without whom I wouldn’t be drawing and stuff, and you wouldn’t be reading this blog.  Thanks for being awesome, Dad.


Approximately 25,000 people attend the Sasquatch Music Festival, an event that has been held annually at Washington’s outdoor venue, The Gorge, for the last decade.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I accompanied Jake and other rad members from Portland’s Roundhouse Agency in an entourage to the festival grounds, where we set up a tent for Sasquatch’s first ever official yearbook photobooth.  Over the course of four days, we photographed, edited, and uploaded images, live and onsite, of some the craziest looking humans I’ve seen in awhile.

It was grueling, hard work – but a totally awesome project I was proud to be a part of.


Here’s how it worked: folks filled out an online form in which they stated their hometown, their name, favorite band, and then listed their nickname.  Their photo was taken against one of three provided backdrops using props.  Jake and I had direct access to the photographer’s images, which we then edited and posted online at the Sasquatch yearbook site.

We photographed about a tenth of the Sasquatch populations – over 2,400 – a slice of which included some the wildest specimens in furry costumes, the stoned, the tripping, the drunk.  At times when I dared to leave the safe haven of our tent, thrusting myself into teeming rivers of humans, I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in attendance.

Typical Sasquatchian trends:

And here is the creme de la creme of the photos Jake and I edited for the Sasquatch 2012 Yearbook.  If you so please, entertain yourself for awhile and check out the rest of the wild here.


(Creative nickname, dude.)

(Not drunk.  Maybe.  Maybe a lot drunk.)

(No Photoshop tricks!  I’d almost believe he was actually Spiderman, if he hadn’t called himself “Mastadon”.)

(God came down.  He has a lot on His plate.)

(Unprovoked nudity.  I made Jake edit this one.)

And finally, the one dude that truly represents the mind, body, and spirit of Sasquatch:

YOU GUYS.  There’s so much more, it was hard to narrow it down to these fine specimens.

Big ups to my dude Jake for the great design he lended to the backdrops, editing process, and interior of our little tent – ain’t he talented?

And special thanks to the Roundhouse crew & the good folks from Red Bull.  That was fun.