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Pony Club // Portraits Show




Last Thursday was the re-opening of Pony Club Gallery, after a month of reorganizing and cleaning.  The gallery looked stupendous, featured a new mural painted by our six members, and we also debuted our new show, “Portraits”!




The concept was simple: artists were paired up and tasked to paint or draw each other.  Some of us were couples, some friends, and some acquaintances.  The results were lovely, and our show featured some of the best artists in town!  Props to member Jennifer Parks for curating such a great show.




I was delighted to be teamed up with my pal Brooke Weeber.  Before the show we refused to look at each other’s pieces – and we were pretty surprised by the results!






Ok, ok – so I skipped about 1,000 steps there (sometimes it’s hard to remember to document the whole process), but what started out as a little doodle in my sketchbook turned into full-fledged Lady Warrior goodness.

What’s even better is that even though we didn’t see each other’s pieces until the opening, this happened:






So awesome.

Be sure to check out the rest of the lovely portraits over at Pony Club’s facebook page, and then head on over to the Pony Club website.  We’ve got a new artist interview blog feature, and this month we’re featuring couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day.



WOLF + CANOE // Collaboration // Bear + Wolf

Brooke and I collaborated once again on a new drawing, this time for a special commission piece.  We were given the simple request of including “bears and wolves” – with the freedom to work however we’d like.

Left to our own devices, we produced a drawing the doesn’t feature your normal forest creatures.

Brooke started us off with her 3-eyed wolf, and I followed suit with a 3-snout bear.  Because….why not?

Wolf + Canoe adventures!  High fives to Brooke.


Lady Show // Home on the Page

Yesterday was the opening of a new show at Gigantic Gallery, featuring myself and many other lovely lady artists of the Pacific Northwest.  It was warm and sunny and I met some great folks.

Unfortunately, I forgot my friggin’ camera (like I keep doing, all the time), so I was left to document the evening with my fabulous phone.  I had to leave early so I missed out on meeting a few other artists; here’s hoping I’ll into you some other time.

And if you were a pal who stopped by, thanks for coming!


Brooke Weeber & Jacqueline Bos

Meg Hunt

Recent and new work.

Do yourself a favor and forget my crappy photos and go see the real thing.  Art is always better in person.

Also at Gigantic are prints of the originals as well as Wolf + Canoe prints!

My comics and prints are slowly finding homes on various retail shelves around Portland.  I have a lot of stuff currently for sale at Mag-Big and my comic will soon be sold at Land in NE Portland.  Support your local shops, yall.  And me.  Don’t forget about me.

Also, I decided it was nigh time for a new self portrait.  Hello.

Have a super weekend!

Wolf + Canoe Prints!

Brooke and I are very excited to announce that our collaboration drawings as Wolf + Canoe are now available as art prints in my Etsy shop!

Great quality and signed by each of us, you can be the proud owner of your very own print for only $25.  Sweet.  Check out the selection here.

And thanks for supporting us!

WOLF + CANOE at Farm


Last night was the opening reception for WOLF + CANOE, a group of collaboration drawings by myself and lady artist Brooke Weeber.  The Farm Cafe played an excellent host; instead of hovering around the bar (as is my natural environment), we were generously provided with our own reserved section, wine, and delicious snacks.  A big thank you goes out to Cassie for giving us such wonderful service!

Collaborating with Brooke was really a painless and seamless process, and we’re pretty dang proud of the work that came out of mashing our two styles together.  We may yet do more in the future.

As for the friendly faces that came out last night: YOU RULE.  And for the ones that snatched up your very own original WOLF + CANOE: YOU RULE HARDER.

Camera is still broken.  Bummer.

Prints will be online soon!  In the meantime, Brooke will be selling signed WOLF + CANOE art prints (as well as a ton of other stuff) at this weekend’s Crafty Wonderland.  All of the collaboration work can be seen online here.  And to see them for really-reals, stop by Farm for a delicious libation or healthy NOMS.

Tally Hoooooooo

You Can Haz Prints


Until recently, my Etsy shop was a pretty bleak and dismal place.  I think the Internet cried whenever anyone happened to click on my shop’s link.  But NO LONGER.

Now the shop is brimming with eight whole items listed for sale (EIGHT)!!  I’ll even be adding a few more later.  Omg.  I sold a ton of prints at STCF over the weekend, and now I’ve put the remaining lot in the shop.  So, if you mosey’d by my comics table but didn’t quite have the cash, or you’ve been coveting your very own print of The Color War – now’s your chance.  Git some.



Brooke and I are pretty excited to show off our doodles.  And to have a drink with you.  Come on over and say hello!

Collaboration // Around the Campfire

One of the central themes of the collaborative drawings I’m cookin’ up with Brooke Weeber is patterns – stripey, southwestern-y, tribal-y goodness. Those are all big ticket Scrabble words.

Other things that continue to pop up are disembodied arms, flags, teepees, cabins, and DUH, animals!  Look at them bear bro’s just haaangin.

I’m quite fond of the geometric blob (Art History glossary term) that Brooke first created, leaving me patches here and there to finish.

And IN CASE YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK or maybe you have never ever read this blog before or maybe you don’t follow me on Instagram or maybe on Twitter or maybe on Facebook or maybe you don’t know me in real life, but:

We are showing all these drawings next month.  That’s May.  After the 7th.  At Farm. 

Thank you.

Collaboration // Announcement

I’ve had horses on the brain (as well as Pink Gummy Bears, and warrior ladies with pointy hats), and in this collaboration drawing with Brooke Weeber they came colliding together.

Brooke populated her half with a lovely mountain range that serves as a platform, with a smattering of cabins and teepees.  The villagers braced themselves for the mighty announcement, which may or may not have been, “IKEA finally completes store renovation!!” or “Buy one get one FREE Fro-Yo cones!!”, but more likely it was something like, “SUMMER will be here in TWO MONTHS!”.  The villagers rejoiced.

See this actual drawing and many more at Farm this coming May!

Collaboration // Cape

Here is another in a series of collaborations with Portland artist Brooke Weeber.  She handed over her half, which featured the central lady figure, feathered chandelier, and nature setting.  I was left to fill in the blanks.  What better than a creepy wolf homie, ornamental squigglies, and blobby spheres (I’m referencing highly technical artist’s terms here)?  I thought so too.

Ooh, details!

Even more details!

Part of a series of twelve, we’ll be showing these works this May at Farm in Southeast Portland.


Collaboration // Homestead


This month I’m working on collaboration drawings with lovely Portland illustrator Little Canoe, aka Brooke Weeber.  I’ve never really drawn with anyone besides Jake, but Brooke and I have very similar sensibilities, so the creative process has been quite natural.

We met up and decided on a few themes to focus on.  The meeting kinda went like this:


Canoe: “Patterns and Manimals!”


Canoe: “Nature!”

Wolf: “SKULLZ”

Uhhhh so it was a little more sophisticated than that, but you get the idea.

We each completed half of six drawings, then traded and are now filling the rest.  You know what?  SO FUN.

Brooke and I will be debuting our collaborations, as well as our own works, this coming May at Farm in Southeast Portland.  Dates and reception information coming soon!

In the meantime, be sure to click around Brooke’s mini internet empire comprised of her Tumblr, Etsy, and Society6, all of which put my lackluster internetz efforts to shame.