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Audience // GHOST Show

With my comic book at the printer, I was finally able to finish up the illustration that I’m contributing to the Pony Club’s GHOST Show.

Even with all the prep work I completed before I embarked on the final drawing, the process wasn’t without a few foibles.  I managed to majorly eff up one little doll, but impressively, I did not throw a childish tantrum and instead calmly carried on.  Like a real adult, you know?


So here’s the final work!  It’s a classy 2 x 3 feet.

Come see the actual piece, for really real, this Thursday at the Pony Club Gallery.   I’ll be showing my ghoulish drawing with tons of other great artists!

Portland People | Heels

I spotted this young lady walking down Holgate Boulevard, luggage in tow, teetering down the sidewalk in impressively high heels.

For me, I prefer stocking shoes that are low-heeled, rugged, good for riding, and are comfortable enough for long standing hours, as I can clock some serious miles at my night job.  So I’m always fascinated by shoes that are nice to look at but are generally pretty impractical.



Ink, Charcoal, & Watercolor on Paper

all images © Maryanna Hoggatt

Fountain is another piece I’ve just finished for my upcoming show at The Guardino Gallery, opening in February of 2012.

I’ll be showing this drawing, along with this one, this one, and this one – plus oh so many more.  That I still need to draw.  Oh God.

Pink & Zephyr

Note the Lemolo cameo.

Lately my brain has been swirling with more ideas than I’ve had time to draw them.  Not to mention, I’ve got another impending art show deadline.  The problem is that I can’t stop with these dang comics!

At Wednesday’s Drink & Draw, I decided to execute a quick 3-panel comic based on an off-hand comment Jake had made.  Lately, the comics I’ve been making were autobiographical, but for this idea I thought I needed some fictional characters.

And so, Pink & Zephyr were born, in the most spontaneous fashion: taking my first thought, and running with it.

I completed the ink & drawing stage at the Drink & Draw, and digitally colored the comic later.  And yep, I’ll be posting these with all my other comics, at ye ol’ Tumblr.

I neglected to bring along a camera last night, but we had a great crowd that included a lot of the creative folk from Roundhouse, the agency where Jake works.  Keep a lookout for next month’s event.

The Dark Rose | WWeek Cover

(skipping ahead through all my inking and watercoloring and charcoaling, and more revisions -)



This week’s cover story for Portland’s Willamette Week is about the “Other Portland”, described as dangerous, poor, and diverse.

Although I’ve done a few illustrations for Willamette Week in the past, this is my first cover!  Many thanks to Soma Honkanen for inviting me to do so, and for her art direction.

American Gods

Watercolor & charcoal on paper, finished digitally.

This summer saw the release of Neil Gaiman’s 10th Anniversary edition of his instant classic novel, American Gods.

To celebrate the new edition, I was asked to contribute a piece to a collection of works inspired by the book, hosted by the art blog Super Punch.

If you haven’t read it, go buy American Gods from your local bookstore.  For reals, it’s worth it.

For my piece I illustrated two main characters – Mr. Wednesday, an old-school god with a glass eye and two feathered companions, and Shadow, a seemingly regular dude who’s an ex-convict and plays coin tricks.

From what I hear, they’re turning the book into a TV series, for which I’ll be sure to watch.

See the rest of the Super Punch collection here.

To buy a print of this illustration, go here.

Mad Mess

Mad Men + Couch + Watercolors

The Secret Garden


Here is another take on one of my favorite children’s books, The Secret Garden.  I’ve read the story of Miss Mary, Dicken, and Colin many times, about the English moors, bringing a dead garden back to life, and a crippled boy back to health.  Also, Mary didn’t put up with no bullshit (QUIT YER CRYIN THERE AIN’T NO LUMP IN YOUR BACK COLIN) – my kinda gal.

The first image is the scanned ink & charcoal drawing, the second is with a bit of digital yellow love.





I nearly tossed this drawing, but I thought I could still make it work.  Instead, I put it away for a week before giving one last attempt to bring it back from the dead.  Well, there’s no Take Backs!

Although the drawing is titled Ocean, the crop of blobby-looking sea anemones remind me of saguaro cacti in bloom, with the deep ocean blue also translating into a starry desert night sky.

Seeds: A Contest Entry

Jillian Tamaki, along with her partner Sam Weber, are among the most respected and successful designers/illustrators working today.  I discovered their work while taking Illustration classes in art school, and quickly fell in love.  Today, I continue to follow their work because they are the kind of artists that motivate me while I doggedly pursue my own dreams of doodlin’ for a living.

A few weeks ago Jillian announced she was holding a contest in which anyone could submit a drawing (or donate to Unicef) for a chance to win, either a bag of goodies or a copy of Irish Myths & Legends, which Jillian illustrated.  This was a no-brainer!  I submitted a drawing.

The drawing contest theme was Summer Myths, and to tell you the truth guys, nothing came immediately to mind.  I mean, nothing I wanted to draw.  Vague fuzzy things of pools and jellyfish, but zero compositions.  So I did a little research.

I rediscovered the old tale of seeds sprouting in your stomach if you swallowed watermelon seeds.  Thumbnails ensued.

I played with the idea of a collection of summer-ish vignettes.

But I went back to the “seed” myth, and I liked this concept.

Pencil draft.  (Uhh..yeahhh….sorry for the not-so-great photo.)

The drawing was made with India Ink, watercolor, pastels, charcoal, AND my trusty Sakura White Gelly Roll pen (♥♥♥).  I scanned it in for a bit of light Photoshop magic.

And the final piece!  I sent off my contest entry last week and crossed my fingers.

There were to be three winners: one randomly selected from the pool of donations, and two of the best drawings: one pro, and on non-pro.  Jillian announced the contest winners today, and, dudes – I WON!!!!

Not only am I super excited to receive my copy of the Irish Myths & Legends book, filled with Jillian’s luscious illustrations, but a nod from the lady herself is quite the honor for me.

I was in good company too, as evidenced by the selection of honorable mentions and fellow Pro-winner Andrew Schick.  Please pay a visit to the results page and see for yourself.

Thanks to Jillian!  And I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend; I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending to mine!