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Holiday Cheer




Wishing all my readers a wonderful Christmas and an excellent New Year.  This year has been superb and I’m looking forward to what’s next in 2013.



About a Tree

It has been a very long time since I’ve been in the holiday spirit.  This year, though, there is so much I feel thankful for, that I actually have reason to celebrate.

I’ve never had a real tree, and I haven’t dragged an artificial tree out of its box in years.  Over the weekend, Jake and I drove an hour out into the beautiful Oregon countryside.  We passed many christmas tree farms along the way, but eventually we ended up crawling along a gravelly road until we reached my friend’s house.  He grew up here, and every year they sell christmas trees: $10, any size, any kind.

We picked our Noble tree, Jake cut it down, and my friend sent us home with beer he brewed himself.

That evening we made our own paper chain, (something else that was new for me), and I tied on stripey ribbons and attached paper flowers (because I am an old woman).  We have no ornaments, and this year, there will only be a few presents tucked underneath, but I couldn’t be more pleased.