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Sparrow House




Exploration of the Animal Battle world continues as I venture into new territory: habitats for my soldiers.

This cozy bungalow is Sergeant Ludlow “Supper” Sparrow’s off-site hideaway, nestled deep in the heart of Summertime Forest.


Animal Battle // Fox





This coming Spring I’ll be hosting my first solo show in quite a while.  I’ve been brewing a few ideas for about a year now, all surrounding the theme of Animal Battle.

In addition to lettering experimentation, I’ve been developing various animal soldiers in my sketchbook.  Initial sketches were quite violent, but I’m going to stray away from the bloodshed, as that’s not what this is really about.  Instead, my comrades will be armed with weapons of wood and indulge in frivolous costume.  Think Richard Scarry meets Lord of the Rings.





Last night I made friends with a fox, who can be both sneaky and genteel.

I played around with some quick digital color too:




Look for more colorful creatures in the coming months; my solo show will be opening at Pony Club Gallery in May!


Lettering Love




If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that some pretty awesome stuff has been going on lately.  Not only did the holidays bring family and friends, and lovely little trinkets like eyeball rings, but December also brought with it a Seattle adventure and big changes to my home studio.


Jake Seattle



Just before Christmas we made the short trip from PDX to Seattle to partake in a sold out show by Louis CK.  Was Louis CK good?  YES, YES HE WAS.




I’d been in dire need of a computer upgrade when I finally bit the bullet and put in my order the newest, biggest, fanciest iMac yet.  It just delivered this week, and OH MYYYYYYYY is it magical!  It took a little while to get all my “old-timey” devices to work on the newest OS (these macs don’t even have disc drives anymore), but son, it’s worth every penny.

It’s hard to believe how much work was output from my durable little laptop, but I was really pushing it to its limits – files dragged, the motor constantly heaved, and that little rainbow ball of death would spin for eternity as it struggled to save my huge files.

No more – I shall wrap up the final files for Adult Babysitting: Volume II in style, soon to be at the printer.  AW YEAH






And throughout it all, always drawing.  Lettering has been so satisfying with my fancy new brush pen, I just can’t stop experimenting in my sketchbook.

Stay tuned for more comics updates – there’s plenty to come in January!


Comic // Pre-Millenial


MaryannaHoggatt_Comic_Dial_Up_Internet_WEB(click to enlarge)


Life was hard back in 1997.  It took a really long time to connect to the Internet, and then you couldn’t use the phone.  And there were only like, 110,000 websites to surf, and truthfully they were all kinda ugly.  But it was all worth it just to hear that AOL dude yell “WELCOME!” once you finally connected to the world wild web.


The End






Hand-lettering!  Maybe not blowing it?

Feast your peepers on my newest piece for:




The End is a new group show opening at the Pony Club Gallery on Thursday, December 6th.  If you’re in the Portland area, stop by the gallery and check out great work by lots of local artists and illustrators.  BEFORE THE WORLD ENDS.

For first Thursday the Compound Gallery is also showcasing The End of the World, so if you’ve been craving an unhealthy dose of apocalyptic artwork, this is your special night.  You lucky dog.



Through all the projects I’ve been working on (official or self-created), I’ve still managed to spend a portion of time drawing in my sketchbook.  Once a reluctant sketchbook doodler, I now often find myself unable to resist the urge to draw.  This usually happens at, oh I don’t know, 1 AM on the couch when I should be sleeping, ignoring whatever I’ve got on Netflix.

Over the last couple years I’ve filled almost four sketchbooks.  Four!!  That may not seem a lot to your usual sketchbook junkie, but for me that’s astronomical.  Previously, I half-heartedly filled maybe OH I don’t know, one or two over ten years.  I was a lazy artist.

The thing is, even though I’ve become more busy in my creative career than ever, I’m drawing more than I ever have too.  Sketchbooks are an integral part of the creative process, and I can’t imagine not using one now.  A great deal of my finished works started as little scribbles in my sketchbook.  That’s right, little ugly, small scribbles.

Lately I’ve been fooling around with hand-lettering.  Or maybe I’ve been foolishly hand-lettering?  Like maybe I should put the pen down?  I’ve seen some hand-lettering by wizards that are so good I shudder; I think for now I’ll enjoy wallowing around in my Apprentice Level.

While watching the super creepy tv series American Horror Story, I discovered this beautiful font used for all the title sequences.  This typeface is based on the handwriting and lettering of early 20th century artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and it is art deco perfection.  Swoon!  Swooning all over the place.

I bet a certain somebody (self) will be using a similar font for a certain future project (wedding invites!).

Progress // ABV2 // Phil Collins

After weeks of working on various projects, I’m back to toiling away on the second volume of my mini-comic series, Adult Babysitting.

This latest spread illustrates my own entry in the bar’s log book, a night on which an epic Phil Collin’s jam session resulted in spirited table drumming and sing alongs.  Heck, I’m not much of a Phil fan myself, but this was a pretty fun night.

As usual I penciled and inked the illustration by hand, then colored digitally.  Below you’ll find yet another super exciting animated GIF showing my coloring process.  WEEEEEEEEE

(click for fun)

More to come!

Adult Babysitting Vol. II // Progress


Still plugging away on my comic, Adult Babysitting.  Since deliberately taking more time with this issue, I’ve been really enjoying exploring new layouts in this wonderful art form we call COMICS.  And of course, I’m still laughing the whole time.

Adult Babysitting: Vol I was recently reviewed in the Portland Mercury, much to my surprise.  See the article here.

And if you STILL haven’t picked up your own copy of Volume I, visit most any Portland comic shop or place an order before I run out!

Poster // A Better Cycle

I was asked to design the above poster by my friend Clinton, who is part owner of local bicycle shop A Better Cycle.  Although my bicycle is currently collecting dust in a dark corner of my garage, they gave me a nice tune-up many moons ago.

If I were you, I’d do what the flyer says and drink their free beer and eat their free food.

ABV2 // Nightmares (Progress)

Here’s another strip for Adult Babysitting: Volume II about the requisite nightmares that come along with the job.  It gets worse.  So, soooo much worse.

I’d been away from the drawing table much more than I wanted to last week, so I’m looking forward to putting in a good 80 million hours in the studio to make up for it.