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Art Opening // All in a Day’s Work

A few weekends ago we accompanied Jake’s dad, Kurt Hollomon, to Bay City to attend the opening of an art show he curated, All in a Day’s Work, at ArtSpace Gallery.

We arrived in strangely color-coordinated outfits and met with the artists featured in the exhibit, Sophomore year students at PNCA.  It was a lovely showing of work from very promising artists.

Check out the work and find out more about the artists in Jake’s post about the opening.

Panda Bear / “Look Ma – No Black!”

I made this drawing yesterday evening while listening to the new Panda Bear album, Tomboy.

It’s a bit of a departure from my usual style – softer, more loose, and no black.  I laid watercolor directly over pencil lines and used brown for the darker hues.  More children’s-booky, in my opinion.

I really wanted to loop the first and last letters around her eyes, so as a result I know it reads more like “P and A” than Panda!  In a do-over circumstance, I might play with that type more.

You can hear the whole album for free at NPR.org, as well as a DJ set by Noah Lennox, aka, Panda Bear, himself.  Check out the new album, Tomboy, here.

Gypsy Mayor Sam Adams

For this week’s editorial illustration for the Willamette Week, I had the pleasure of transforming Portland mayor Sam Adams into a turban-wearing gypsy.  Art director Ben Mollica provided me with the layout and awesome gypsy photo reference.

I started off trying to replicate the comical expression of the gypsy, but ended up going with an Adams pursed-lip deal.

This was my first colored piece for the paper.  (YEEAAHAAHAHHA, COLOR!! *High Five*)

Thanks again to Willamette Week for tapping me on this one.