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Sketch: Color Explosion

from Alice in Wonderland

I tore the above page out of an old children’s book for a self-imposed little side project.  I had no qualms doing it, either, since I have a really nice copy of Alice that I would never, ever tear pages out of.  I’ll feature the finished piece in a future post.

Happily knee-deep in several projects on a sunny day, I found the time to color up the Peony drawing I began a few days ago.

Here again is the line drawing:

Using a combination of watercolor, colored pastels, and charcoal, I very loosely colored the drawing.  I experimented with color bleeds and pattern and used some of the brightest colors in the box.

I am in love with THESE PASTELS!

They have been in my possession for nearly ten years.  This Alphacolor collection features 24 “basic” colors, but really, some of these hues are eye-poppingly bright.  They blend beautifully and I have used them for a million projects.  If I ever run out, I may shed a tear.  Maybe two.


I picked up the above postcard at the Division Stumptown coffee.  The art show was by local artist Dan Groth.

Along with line, Dan uses stippling for his shading technique.  That is, making one dot at a time, over and over.  That’s a million dots, kids.  Check out his intriguing community of animalia, lumpy humans, and all-around illustration goodness here at his blog!