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Pumping Small Iron



“Physical fitness” was never my forté.  As a kid I was usually the last to cross the finish line for the mile run (typically ending in a gasping walk).  My bicycle is sitting in my garage, slowly collecting layers of dust.  Small inclines terrify me.  I am weak, my friends; the toughest muscle I have is my creative one.

But you know what?  I ain’t getting any younger.  And since it doesn’t appear that Portland will have a shortage of delicious foods and beer any time soon, it seemed about time I start leading a healthier lifestyle.  And what the hell would happen if the zombie apocalypse came?  I’d be in deep shit because I can do like ZERO cardio.  So, I joined a gym.  Ah.  Mah.  Gah.

Going to the gym has been hard, but weirdly addictive.  But also, it’s been pretty funny.  So naturally, I had to comic about it.





Are those goals slightly unrealistic?  No?  I thought if you drew it, it came true.  Anyway, I’m really looking forward to my powerful right arm.