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Coastal Escape




One of the many charms of living in Portland is that to escape the city you need not go far before you’re surrounded by green forests, mountain views, or standing at land’s edge watching the ocean caress the beach.

While I enjoy long days of uninterrupted work, to keep my sanity sometimes I just need a hit of nature.  Jake and I spent one fine Sunday lingering at my favorite spot on the Oregon coast, Cannon Beach, eating ice cream, strolling quiet paths in mossy forests, sitting in warm sun with a blustery sea breeze.  Summer is indeed here.










In our meandering we also paid a visit to family in Seaside before heading a bit south to Short Sands, where I stumbled upon such an idyllic scene it made my heart ache. If I have any retirement plans, surely they would include a bit of coastal plein air painting.




That daydream is over, and I’m back to work in my studio.  I just received a stack of these Animal Battle promo stickers from the gallery – the opening quickly approaches!




Interview // Portland Mercury


Maryanna Hoggatt Mercury Interview


I was interviewed for this week’s Artist Profile in the Portland Mercury!  In it I talk about comics, bartending, and making art.  Check out the interview here.






Plus, all Adult Babysitting merch is still on sale in my Etsy shop!  If you like laughing, I suggest you pick up a copy of the comic.

Thanks to the Portland Mercury for the feature!



New! Adult Babysitting Volume II





NOW IN MY SHOP: Adult Babysitting Volume II!

Have you ever waited tables?  Shlepped drinks on a tray?  Stood behind a busy bar for 7 hours while needing to pee the whole time as you mix and muddle hundreds of cocktails?  Dealt with the drunken public?  Read horrible Yelp reviews about yourself by that asshole you kicked out of the bar once?  Cleaned up someone else’s puke out of a sink?

Yeah, I get you.  I’ve done it too.  This comic series is meant for you.







With hilarious true stories and shocking behavior by grown-ups who should know better, find some solace in these small volumes.  Sip a whiskey while you’re at it.

And for those of you who have never spent time working in the service industry, do yourself a favor: get educated.


Comic // Hose ‘Er Down


I just finished a full new strip for Adult Babysitting: Volume II, featuring one of my favorite log book entries by my coworker.  In it, a hapless drunkie gets hosed down with water from the soda gun after she pinwheeled her way behind the bar (always a big Nuh-Uh).  Poor thing.

I inked this two page spread on my self-made template I created just for Adult Babysitting, then scanned it into Photoshop for some clean up and added tones.  Wanna see the full comic?  Check it out over on www.adultbabysittingcomic.com!

And have a wonderful holiday, y’all.  May your feast be plentiful and your house full of family or friends.

Poster // Punk Pinball

A pal of mine asked me to contribute a poster to a special benefit she was hosting for her Uncle, who has MS and needs a new van to accommodate his wheelchair.

Portland has a huge pinball scene (yes, there is even a gang), so this benefit will center around a big Pro-Am pinball tournament.  I was told her Uncle digs punk rock and tattoos, so, naturally, PINBALL + PUNK.

I did probably two quick thumbnails before jamming out the black and white illo (above), then did something new and sparkly – a lettering overlay on tracing vellum.  WHAT!  Logical and convenient?  You know how sometimes you do something and afterwards you’re like, “Why wasn’t I doing this the WHOLE time?  Why haven’t I been doing this my entire 31 years??”

I credit this extremely prolonged light bulb moment to the tons of hours I’ve been working digitally lately.  Thanks, Photoshop.

If you’re a local, dig pinball, and want to help a good cause, check out the event here.


Portland People // Lady Couple

Original scan > Flat color > Embellishments

My Portland People series is the perfect platform for digital coloring experiments.  A mere few years ago I knew cuss about Photoshop, even really hating it.  But the more I force myself to practice with Photoshop, the more I actually enjoy it.

While I’ll always be a traditional medium girl, I will finally admit that there’s some pretty cool shit you can do in Photoshop.  (Although I still paint waaaaay faster than when using a wacom tablet!)

Portland People // Rollerblades

We spotted this lady wheelin’ around under the Ross Island bridge last Saturday, and she landed in my sketchbook on Sunday.  I don’t get to do a Portland People illustration often enough.

I scanned the ink + brush drawing into Photoshop and fleshed it out digitally, which I do sometimes but not always.  There were some areas (like the column) that I color-blocked in order to give it a finished look.

More and more I’m enjoying the digital coloring process.  Me From Three Years Ago is shocked.

ABV2 // Progress

(in progress)

Another true account about the harrowing lives of bartenders and customer service!  How do we sleep at night?  Someone should do a “clinical study”.

Adult Babysitting: Volume II is slowly but surely coming along.  Look for more glimpses of this issue soon.

Party Totem


Doodles from a sketchbook.

See more glimpses of work in progress at my Instagram // Leetlewolf.

So It Begins

With all the craziness of the last few weeks, it’s been awhile since I’ve been at my usual Studio Hermit/Constant Drawing self.  It felt nice to return from Sasquatch and push a pencil and brush for awhile.  When I lapse, I tend to feel a little “off” (i.e. – “CRAZY”).

After a period sans arts-making, I need to do a few warm-up exercises.  Over the last week I’ve done plenty, including a few Portland People drawings.  The last one I worked on was a quick doodle of a young (real life) fellow sporting a fashionable…”butt flap” (you know, the kind punk rock kids usually wear?).

Lately, I’ve been doing more than just a little Photoshop clean-up, going so far as to enhance (GASP) the original drawings.  OMG.  What is happening to me.

And here’s the little dude after a bit of wizardy:

But nowwww, the fun stuff begins!  After figuring out a general layout and a bit of thumbnailing, I’ve started work on Adult Babysitting: Volume II! YAAAAAAAY!

Here is the first working page for the second volume:


Oh man, this is going to be fun.

P.S. – What’s Adult Babysitting?  Geez, go pick up Volume I already.