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What started as a quick brush pen drawing in my sketchbook later grew into this full color drawing.  Beehives, cat eyes, and forever smoking.  I think I’ve watched a few too many French films in the last couple days.



Through all the projects I’ve been working on (official or self-created), I’ve still managed to spend a portion of time drawing in my sketchbook.  Once a reluctant sketchbook doodler, I now often find myself unable to resist the urge to draw.  This usually happens at, oh I don’t know, 1 AM on the couch when I should be sleeping, ignoring whatever I’ve got on Netflix.

Over the last couple years I’ve filled almost four sketchbooks.  Four!!  That may not seem a lot to your usual sketchbook junkie, but for me that’s astronomical.  Previously, I half-heartedly filled maybe OH I don’t know, one or two over ten years.  I was a lazy artist.

The thing is, even though I’ve become more busy in my creative career than ever, I’m drawing more than I ever have too.  Sketchbooks are an integral part of the creative process, and I can’t imagine not using one now.  A great deal of my finished works started as little scribbles in my sketchbook.  That’s right, little ugly, small scribbles.

Lately I’ve been fooling around with hand-lettering.  Or maybe I’ve been foolishly hand-lettering?  Like maybe I should put the pen down?  I’ve seen some hand-lettering by wizards that are so good I shudder; I think for now I’ll enjoy wallowing around in my Apprentice Level.

While watching the super creepy tv series American Horror Story, I discovered this beautiful font used for all the title sequences.  This typeface is based on the handwriting and lettering of early 20th century artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh, and it is art deco perfection.  Swoon!  Swooning all over the place.

I bet a certain somebody (self) will be using a similar font for a certain future project (wedding invites!).

Portland People // Rollerblades

We spotted this lady wheelin’ around under the Ross Island bridge last Saturday, and she landed in my sketchbook on Sunday.  I don’t get to do a Portland People illustration often enough.

I scanned the ink + brush drawing into Photoshop and fleshed it out digitally, which I do sometimes but not always.  There were some areas (like the column) that I color-blocked in order to give it a finished look.

More and more I’m enjoying the digital coloring process.  Me From Three Years Ago is shocked.

Bowlers and……HORSES

The horse is on a stick.  I got my horse fix.

(Don’t worry, the horse is fine.  It’s magical and can talk and actually serves as a guide to the blobby black ink lady, giving her advice on dudes and cooking tips.)

So I’m hoping to show one (or two!) of these pieces at Gigantic Gallery next month, along with some other rad stuff, like collaboration work with Brooke Weeber and some of my other favorite pieces.  Come support the ladies.

Portland People // Floral Overalls


This fella has already been posted at my Tumblr, but here again is one of my favorite sightings from the last few weeks, a grown man in floral overalls.  As if that weren’t enough, he wore them shirtless with a decidedly 90’s club kid vibe.  I loved it.  Spotted right around SE 47th Avenue and Hawthorne.

Experiments // Neil Young

Sometimes you get a little wild hair and you want to try something new and so you break out your inks and start drawing an illustration of Neil Young.

And then sometimes you scan in the linework just in case, because you’re about to paint on it, and since you’re experimenting you could probably mess it all up.

And sometimes you paint a on a drawing and you’re like, “Ah F**K!” because it looks pretty crappy, and you get mad and you want to tear it into a million pieces, but sometimes you keep working on it anyway.

So, sometimes, when you still hate the original drawing, you scan it into to Photoshop and and digitalize to death until maybe, MAYBE, you kinda sorta like it.

So that’s what happened with this drawing.

Crack vs. Quack

Over the weekend Jake & I stood in various long lines at the Southeast Buffalo Exchange after purging my wardrobe.  We swung right out of the store and headed down 37th Ave.  It wasn’t long before we heard the unmistakable squawking of a duck.  Sitting on a small, leafy porch was an elderly couple, talking and petting their yellow duck.  I stared and they greeted us with a friendly hello.

Twenty minutes and 45 blocks later, Jake caught site of an exchange between two rather shady looking humans and proclaimed, “Well, THAT wasn’t a drug deal”.  The shifty-eyed gent parted ways with his customer and disappeared down 82nd Ave to carry on with his day’s business.


I honestly didn’t mean to make this guy look so bummed.

NE 8th Avenue & Alberta.

See the rest of the Portland People collection here.


I watched this young lady cross the street on a gloomy & rainy early February evening; her bright ensemble was hard to miss.  With her blonde bowl cut, yellow woolen cape, pale yellow skirt, and colorful scarf, she trotted to her car like a cheerful harbinger of Spring.

Southeast 46th Avenue & Hawthorne Boulevard.

Matchy Matchy

While a bunch of people woke up that Saturday morning and thought, “Yeah I’m just gonna throw on these track pants and sloppy t-shirt and I know it’s February but fuck it – I’m wearing flip flops”, this lady also woke up and said, “I’m going to wear my coral tweed jacket with fur trim and coordinating skirt, stockings, and heels, and yes, of course my hair will be done”.  She wins over everybody, hands down.

NW 23rd Avenue & Everett.