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Commission: Logo

I have been asked to design the logo for a local photographer.  Once again, my talents lend themselves to a creature of fancy.

A unicorn?

Day of the Dead?





Sign me up!

Here is a look at my desktop as I referenced photos for the rough draft:

While I pull many references from the internet, I use them only to draw out correct anatomy or for use as inspiration for my own projects.

These are the first drafts I sent to my client:

In the meantime, work continues on the book, The End of This & That.  More sneak peeks to come.


Sketch: Bunnies & Unicorns

After lazing around the house most of the day, we finally dragged ourselves to good ol’ Stumptown for some much needed caffeine and sketchbook drawing.

A Portland Tribune article about the upcoming Cirque De Soleil show, Kooza, caught my eye with this photo.  I adore skeletons – especially a bunch of gymnastic clowns dressed up as skeletons, and these little Skellys may motivate me enough to go see this show.

I opened up my sketchbook and before I knew it I realized that I had started drawing a bunny.  It’s like my hands remembered that today was the great day that Jesus returned to the world as a zombie, while somehow, my mind had forgotten.  I slept in while everyone celebrated with bunnies, eggs, pastel colors, some sort of church service, wicker baskets, and all that weird plastic “grass” they put in those baskets.  So here you go, Happy Easter!  Yaaaaaaay!

The yolk “puddle” in this sketch reminded me of another puddle that I had done last year in the same sketchbook (my sketchbooks last FOREVER).  Here is another random animal drawing:

Man, I don’t know why I draw these things, they just happen.  I hope I have successfully made you feel all happy and warm and fuzzy.  Unicorns, yaaaaaaayyyy!